Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make no mistake about it: That lost nuke was NO MISTAKE

September 15th, 2007

Dear Readers,

Do you want a nuclear war with Iran?

Those half-dozen nukes that were accidentally "lost" last month,
which turned up at Barksdale AFB, the staging area for aerial attacks
on the Middle East, could not possibly have been lost. They were

And one of them appears to be missing.

What can you do with just one "small" nuke (maximum size 150
kilotons, and possibly as small as 5 kilotons)?

Start a war, that's what you can do! You can set it off in America,
claim it was Al Qaeda, claim they were supplied by Iran, and then
blow Tehran off the map.

I hear cheering.

Stop that, you fools! The people of Tehran are NOT our enemy. The
people of Iran are NOT our enemy. If / WHEN that missing nuke is
blown up and 10,000 Americans are killed, it will NOT be their fault.

We went into one war on false premises (at least one). We cannot
afford a nuclear retaliation. The seeds we sow will come back time and again.


George Bush and Dick Cheney are evil incarnate. We, the people,
cannot afford to wait for them to push the button that starts World
War Three. We MUST remove the Evil Empire from office. We cannot
afford to wait for their "term" to run out -- provision has ALREADY
BEEN MADE to prevent it from running out, anyway!

Check out the URL below, where National Security Presidential
Directive 51 (aka Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20) gives
FULL AUTHORITY for the White House to stay in office, prevent
elections, and rule us with an iron fist:

Oh sure, we can all just sleep, waiting to see what
happens. Thinking it's out of our control. We can each,
individually, be too afraid to speak out.

But that will just get us killed by radioactive poisons unleased
throughout the world. Few people noticed the reddened skies after
"Shock and Awe" blew Uranium dust globally. Few noticed that Iraq
was attacked without provocation after flimsy excuses failed to
convince the public. Few noticed that George Bush claimed in his
most recent speech that "36 nations" were working together in Iraq
right now, 35 alongside us, when, in truth, even our staunchest ally,
Britain, has called it quits and plans to withdraw all their troops soon.

Bush lies, millions die.

Next on the agenda is a nuclear explosion on U.S. soil. Clause "B"
of NSPD 51 states in no uncertain terms that such an event will be
sufficient cause to stop ANY election of a new president. Read it yourself:

"Catastrophic Emergency" means any incident, regardless of location,
that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or
disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure,
environment, economy, or government functions;

For example, a nuke.

Patriotic citizens around the country are waking up. But are there
enough of us? Or has our decades-old lack of proper education
brought us to a state of mass apathy about what made America great --
which was the personal involvement of the people -- people who cared
about truth, justice, and the American Way?

Don't expect that nuke to be set off today or tomorrow, or even next
month. It will probably be a year from now, long after everyone's
forgotten about it. The war will start swiftly after that. George
Bush will announce that the response has already begun -- that the
missiles have started to land on Iran.

And the repercussions will be: A poisoned planet, martial law. The
end of democracy and the Grand Experiment. Millions dead, hundreds
of millions suffering. Trillions of dollars in "infrastructure"
here, and in Iran, destroyed. Freedom gone. The Internet --
gone. Your rights -- gone.

There is only one way to stop this, and that's to recognize the plot
before it's accomplished. A great patriot released the news about
those errant nukes. Will more patriots do what is necessary to stop
the totalitarian regime from seizing ALL remaining power?

Stay tuned to your CIA-approved news station (CNN is just as much a
tool of the CIA as FOX is) and you WON'T FIND OUT.

The most ignoble death of all is the death of those who could have
spoken out, but didn't. Will that be YOUR fate, or will you tell
someone? Will you die quietly, or will you go down fighting? Will
you send your sons and daughters off to push buttons against Iran, or
will you demand the fight for peace?

Arrest George Bush and Dick Cheney TODAY! Don't wait: Waiting now,
in our last moment when we might be able to do something, is the
ultimate crime against humanity. Now you have a chance to do
something. Tomorrow will be too late.


Ace Hoffman

A patriot, a citizen, a humanitarian, and a sworn enemy of George
Bush's totalitarian regime.