Thursday, March 21, 2013

San Onofre 2 years after Fukushima: A video retrospective of a movement...

A Land Without SONGS, a 24-minute documentary, is currently the lead item on the USTC360 You Tube Channel home page):

Direct URL for A Land Without SONGS:

I'm quite amazed to see this wonderful little video, which aired last weekend and is now available on You Tube.

Zora and the other little girls are so precious, and it's just amazing to watch them try to stop San Onofre. It's their future. As Lyn Hicks says, it doesn't matter much for Lyn, in her mid-80s, or even for me, in my mid 50s. But it matters greatly for the children, in their mid-teens, and for their future. And they're trying to do something about it. We should all try to help the children win the fight against San Onofre.

Practically everyone interviewed (except the professor; I don't know him) in the video is a friend of mine (or family)! All of them are trying desperately to get San Onofre decommissioned. Fukushima woke a lot of people up. And they CAN'T go back to sleep. As Zora puts it her dad, "It's too late [for that] now!"

And my, those orange-shirt people are living large at other's expense! That's obvious. And a report out today in the LA Times shows that for the last three years for which data is available (2008 - 2011), California added MORE jobs EACH year in the green energy technology sector than are employed at San Onofre. These people could all find useful work elsewhere, their skills are transferable and they can learn new skills, as they would continuously do if they stayed at the plant, we're told. Let them learn green!

Many thanks to everyone in this video, everyone involved in producing it, everyone who views it, and most of all, everyone who passes the URL around for others to view it!

Let's get this plant decommissioned and spend our money on something useful!


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