Friday, May 4, 2012

Rally to keep San Onofre shut down! April 29th, 2012 (URL for film)

May 4th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Ever since Fukushima, the world has been waking up. Slowly.

Last Sunday various local groups held a rally to keep San Onofre shut down forever. It's been shut down for more than three months already due to parts failures, and the utility company NOW wants to restart it at as little as half power, because it's too dangerous to run at full power. This is ridiculous! Clearly, they plan to raise the temperature, pressure, and/or flow rate until something vibrates, bursts, or there is a cascading and catastrophic failure of the steam generators -- and then, if it's not the last one, back things off a bit, fix things up, and start again! They presumably plan to start running at a lowered pressure, and inspect it after a few months and see how well it survived.... Then do the same thing at a somewhat higher pressure for the next cycle.... Until they get scared to go any higher.

Not until I get scared or you get scared. They want to decide. Despite all their failures so far, they still want complete control with NO public oversight!

If they restart, they'll be taking our lives into their hands with the money they pocket. And you can be sure they'll pocket a profit even at 50% power... because they don't have to pay the full expenses of storing used reactor cores, of accidents, of research and development... or even of fixing broken parts, because they bill THAT to the ratepayers! Thank you, California Public Utilities Corporation (CPUC)! Err, I mean Commission, but who's on that commission?

I've put together a short video of the event last Sunday. Featured speakers included Dan Hirsch, Committee to Bridge the Gap, a storied expert in nuclear issues. A variety of local speakers also appeared. Here's the URL for the full 26:13 video:

Thanks to everyone who appeared (and didn't appear, but was there)!!

Today I was interviewed by Brandi Powell, News 7 San Diego, which will presumably appear on their station this evening, and on their web site as well. I was emphatic that the plant should never reopen, and that cranking up the power and seeing what fails is no way to run a reactor!

We expect to have another rally soon. Please join us!



Ace Hoffman
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An Expose of the Nuclear Industry
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