Sunday, May 1, 2011

Godspeed, indeed! Maybe we'll get on Oprah - if we hurry!

May 1st, 2011

Dear Readers,

Thank you, dear readers -- I'm blushing (see below). Thank you very much!

Yesterday I learned that copies of both my books (Shut San Onofre, my new 20-page pictorial book, and The Code Killers, my handbook of nuclear information from 2008) have been personally handed to California's Senator Dianne Feinstein (possibly with a photo of the event taken by the Sacramento Bee),and to Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders. The books were also given to an environmental aide to Jerry Brown, and Congressional candidate Norman Soloman, who was already calling for shutdown of California's four nuclear power plants at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre:

Both my books are available as free downloads from my web site:

The new book only happened because someone asked for a short document to hand out at the then-upcoming Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing held last Thursday in San Juan Capistrano, California. Of course it helped that I had been collecting hundreds of images for the past six weeks... I thought about what was needed for a day or so, and started creating the document on Wednesday, the day before the event, having decided to try to "say it with pictures" in a one page flyer. Almost immediately it didn't fit on a page, hence the new book.

At the hearing, even Victor Dricks (public affairs spokesman for the NRC's Region 4 district) asked for a copy! And I'm fairly certain a copy ended up with the executives of Southern California Edison too, or even Edison International's CEO, who was there. After all, they would at least want to know what they're up against, right?

This coming week, another subscriber, a reverend, will be trying to deliver copies in Washington D. C. (I overnighted several dozen copies to him over the weekend, and anyone else who wants printed copies should contact me by email).

A lot of people believe we can shut down San Onofre. A lot more people believe we should, but are afraid it would impact our economy or cause rolling blackouts or something bad like that. They know something worse COULD happen, but they also feel such disruptions WILL happen if we shut SanO. It's true that shutting San Onofre would impact our economy. People would be put to work building renewable energy systems, money would not be poured into the nuclear rat-hole, and cancer rates in the communities surrounding San Onofre would go down, saving money, pain, and resources. Most importantly, the CHANCE of a disaster would be significantly reduced.

As to rolling blackouts, the last time California was forced to close three of four nuclear reactors (due to fires and various extended, unexpected maintenance issues at three of them) we did, indeed, have rolling blackouts. However, the blackouts were later proven unequivocally to be Enron-related and politically motivated. The artificial blackouts were given as a reason to relicense the reactors and approve the installation of new steam generators.

That was ten years ago. Ten years ago, we came that close to getting San Onofre closed, and maybe Diablo Canyon too. But we failed. Failing again may be disastrous.

Anyone who doesn't understand the risks we all face now, after Fukushima, probably works in the industry with rose-colored glasses and a fat paycheck each week. Or pays too much attention to the main stream media, who, of course, have been downplaying the magnitude of the nuclear disaster in Japan, along with the government of Japan (and Hillary Clinton, too).

Keep up the heat, folks. We can get California nuke-free if we try.

I hope some newspapers will consider reviewing my two books together. Not many books (or even booklets) are created and then travel around the world so quickly, even with the power of today's Internet!

Who knows? Maybe it'll end up on Oprah! If so, we better hurry -- 19 days left!


Ace Hoffman Carlsbad, CA

Items included below: 1) Several nice comments about my new book 2) A wonderful information timeline from R. C. Hoelzlein 3) Contact information for Ace Hoffman

---------------------------------------------- Craig Beauchamp reports:

Just spoke with Diane Feinstein and gave her Ace's booklets. In her speech she spoke about the nuclear power plant, and the issue of the spent fuel rods . Long term storage is unacceptable and she said we need to rethink our nuclear energy policy . I spoke to her for a minute and gave her the two booklets and our protest flyer. I explain that we were supporting her effort and Barbara Boxer's effort to get seismic studies and that we were trying to get the plants decommissioned and transit to renewables since SONGS only provides 10-12% or less energy and shut off one extra light could save that much. Sac Bee took my picture talking to her! More later. .................. Just handed Bernie Sanders Ace's two booklets and told him we were fighting the NRC to decommission San Onofre. He nodded as he was being whisked away.

---------------------------------------------- Dr. Janette Sherman writes: Another brilliant publication by Ace!!!! Thank you. I'll send it to my web and to my contacts. ... ---------------------------------------------- Dr. Conrad Miller writes: Cool happening, Ace. ---------------------------------------------- "Firefly" writes (to her list): Pls make this viral. San Onofre nuke plant is like a time bomb...One large quake... and its another Fukushima. ---------------------------------------------- Penny offered some minor typo corrections and added: "Best wishes, and give 'em hell!" ---------------------------------------------- Jack Shannon writes:

Ace: You are truly my hero. I have been trying to write a book for 20 years and I'm not off of the ground. ... ---------------------------------------------- ... and Paul de Burgh-Day writes:

My friends,

Brilliant work by Ace Hoffman! READ WHAT HE TELLS US BELOW, about the 20 page online little book he has produced. Titled SHUT SAN ONOFRE, it applies to ALL NUKE power-plants! You can download it from

Ace has produced a very powerful message. Read and study it yourself! Forward it to all your family and friends! Ask them to pass it on too! Educate our children! Send it to every politician you know! Or don't want to know! Even here in Australia - we don't have nukes, but we mine vast quantities of uranium!

My strongest thanks to Ace for what he has offered us all! All power to him!

Paul ----------------------------------------------


Thanks everyone!

Ace Hoffman Carlsbad, CA

The author's books are available as free downloads from his web site:

---------------------------------------------- Here are some wonderful comparison maps of Fukushima radiation by R. C. Hoelzlein, courtesy Roger Herried: ----------------------------------------------


Ace Hoffman
Author, The Code Killers:
An Expose of the Nuclear Industry
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