Thursday, April 28, 2011

TODAY: (April 28 2011) 5 pm Protest/Inform Media and Appeal to NRC! Capistrano Unified School District Board Chamber

April 28th, 2011

Let the NRC know... San Onofre has got to go! The following was sent to me by Lyn Hicks, CREED.

Ace Hoffman Carlsbad, CA

-------------------------------------------------------- From: Lyn Hicks [] Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:25 AM Subject: DESTRUCTION BY CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR DISASTER.doc FUKUSHIMA RESPONSE BY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CREED LEADERS REMINDER TO ORGANIZATION LIAISONS! April 28 5 pm Protest/Inform Media and Appeal to NRC Capistrano Unified School District Board Chamber 33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano This high spirited event is the crest of two and a half years identification of on-site nuclear hazard roulette at San Onofre. The action was led by Gary and Laurie Headrick, founders of San Clemente Green and San Onofre Safety. On site safety issues were gradually brought to the arena of action, the San Clemente City Council Chamber. The focus leaders� testimony was recorded, and is available to officials and the public by links to city video archives. Headrick is coordinating the press-conference safety Issues and FOR A NUCLEAR FREE WORLD/ END NUCLEAR POWER/TRANSITION NOW/FAST TRACK TO RENEWABLES/ SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, other, themes. Thursday evening media event. Come and be part of the supporting backdrop, after you sign in to speak in NRC session.???. . Gene Stone, organizer of individual concerned residents, is compiling� list of Focus Leaders� urgent questions and comments for NRC microphone response. Official assessment of the Japanese six reactor conflagration and contamination has risen to most devastating rank (7) and radiation now surpassing the on-going, circling our planet ,destruction by Chernobyl nuclear disaster, commemorating the accident 25th year, anniversary, yesterday. Please communicate background info on both accidents to your organizations and respond their choices of action themes when we poll everyone. DESTRUCTION BY CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR DISASTER!!!! Ukraine�s President Viktor Yanukovyeh marked the 24th with announcement of government assessment that approximately two million persons are suffering Chernobyl caused illnesses, and that nongovernmental organizations are attributing to Chernobyl more than 700,000 early deaths. Concerns about genetic damage were raised more than a year ago concurrent with the Ukrainian president�s appeal for aid from the nuclear nations. Pictures showed children�s body deformities attributed to parental exposure to the Chernobyl explosion, and children in a hospital for child victims of cancer, and care facilities for children with severely damaged or destroyed immune systems News accounts reported the Ukraine president�s plea that the people of Ukraine could no longer afford to provide adequate medical care for those afflicted by Chernobyl. That plea was followed by an international appeal to the nuclear nations to subsidize a more effective containment for the nuclear radiation emitting Chernobyl remains. Requests by CREED researchers for report of international response have not been answered. Anyone who knows a diligent reporter, who will follow-up this one, please volunteer to accept and file info. and please reply/respond to this email. Committee to Bridge the Gap, contact in the 100 high hazard radius, has provided samples of needed protective actions. disclosed that the Environmental Protection Administration monitors that could measure radioactive iodine were not in place in California. CBG persistence disclosed that levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater were 25-100 times higher than EPA�s maximum contaminant levels specified in the clean water act. We must enroll our emergency planners in fast action to obtain appropriate monitors and place them were they can protect our children. WHAT ARE THE CAUSE/EFFECT SIMILARITIES BETWEEN CHERNOBYL, Fukushima AND SAN ONOFRE THAT WE MUST�GLIMPSE� TO PROVIDE INFORMED PUBLIC protective actions? Please reply email participation comments designating them as your personal, or your organization board, or membership, if that is requested in the polling. In peace process for nuclear free world Lyn Harris Hicks, CREED Advocate One more request: Please pick up the phone and call your favorite news reporter and invite him/her to cover this story.



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