Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Nuclear Book (and Essay) Author's Club

September 13th, 2008

Dear Readers,

Dr. Conrad Miller, an emergency-room surgeon and long-time newsletter subscriber, has updated his book The Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About.

Miller's book was wonderful before: Intelligent, creative, poetic, well-researched and forceful. I guess working in the ER makes it a little easier to get straight to the point -- and you learn how to communicate clearly. As the title implies, Miller's book goes over a number of issues, not "just" nuclear power. I saw several chapters of the new version in preview form. It looks great. He's worked with some top experts (and me) to sort out the facts. It's timely and relevant.

Dr. Miller will be appearing on Internet and Live Radio to discuss the new Third Edition. Please see the press release (below) to find out where you can hear him.

Over the years, over 60 published nuclear authors, including over two dozen nuclear book authors, have joined this newsletter's distribution list, or, shall we say, not refused my offer to add them during a conversation or correspondence. Few have left, other than by the horizontal exit (rest in peace, y'all).

Losses from this newsletter list due to death include John W. Gofman, A. Stanley Thompson, Carrie Dickerson, and several other top nuclear writers, all of whom I conversed with by phone or email numerous times. I also had several conversations with Jay M. Gould, Karl Z. Morgan (oh, how magnificent he was!), and others, all now gone.

Nuclear power is extremely complicated, and the topics these people have written about are very, very difficult. I've read dozens of their books: Each one is a very impressive tome!

Published nuclear book authors -- hopefully all still living as I write this -- include (in alphabetical order): Rosalie Bertell, Francis Boyle, Helen Caldicott, Richard Cuddihy, Sidney Goodman, Karl Grossman, Michio Kaku, Joe Mangono, Bennett Ramberg, Sara Shannon, Ernest Sternglass, Janette Sherman, William Thomas, Harvey Wassermann, and Richard Webb. I have copies of all their (nuke-related-) books and have communicated with each of them personally. Nearly all of the above are currently on this newsletter's distribution list. (Some nuclear book author may be wondering how I could have forgotten that they, too, are on my list. If so, I apologize, and please feel free remind me.)

Dozens of other nuclear author-activists are also on this list, many of them great (and widely published) writers, such as (in no particular order): Bob Nichols, Cathy Garger, Kathy Czar, Judith Johnsrud, Ashok Kumar, Alice Slater, Glenn Carroll, Winonah Hauter, Jennifer Vierec, Molly Johnson, Raymond Shadis, Lyn Hicks, Michael Mariotte, Sara Barczak, Jerry Collamer, Gordon Sturrock, Frank Trottingwolf, Jack Shannon, Mitzi Bowman, Kay Drey, the tireless Roger Herried, the many great writers of the Pelindaba Working Group in South Africa, Leuren Moret, Frieda Berryhill, Diane D'Arrigo, Judy Treichel, Oscar Shirani, David Lochbaum, Paul & Linda Gunter, our newest addition, Gene Stone, and last, only because I think they're the only ones I've never actually had any two-way communication with, Robert Alvarez and Marvin Resnokoff (I hope they don't block these emails!).

There are many other writers and book authors on this list, but to the best of my knowledge, they have not written much, if anything, about nuclear power, and there are dozens of activists who write dozens of letters to politicians, whom I have also not attempted to list here. Nor, of course, have any reporters been listed, even though they are on this newsletter list for having written about nuclear power. In some cases, we have communicated quite often and some of them, indeed, have been extraordinarily fair and balanced.

To all of the above (who are still living): KEEP WRITING!

I should note that I've also communicated with thousands of pro-nuclear writers, including several pro-nuke book authors. Some of them are very earnest and sincere, even if they are, at the same time, misguided and short-sighted.


Ace Hoffman
Dodging black holes from CERN's LHC in...
Carlsbad, CA


Dr. Conrad Miller will be on your radio and internet
radio Sunday Sept 14 2008 at noon Eastern Standard Time
until 1 PM on the Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum show.
The third edition of Dr. Miller's book
The Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About,
which will be available within the next 10 days, will hold many
details of the issues that likely will be discussed during the show

The one hour show will also be rebroadcast the following
Sunday Sept 21, 2008 at 11 AM and 10 PM and also be available
on the internet

Likely topics to be discussed:

Is nuclear power really possibly green?

50% of USA non-organic sugar likely will become of the
genetically modified variety in 2008 if consumers don't
call Kellogg's and all the other potential mass users of
this patented-sugar-beet-half of the granulated sugar market
to demand labelling. You can go to
to perform your civic duty on this issue, and see and/or download a
colorful one page pamphlet facilitating awareness and citizen activism.

Are you aware of the North American Union and its being quietly laid
upon the foundation of NAFTA to override many safeguards and laws of
our three countries' democracies [USA, Mexico, Canada] without any voting?

If you've watched the Republican convention and heard John McCain,
you know about the urge to DRILL! BABY, DRILL! for oil offshore.
However, the so-called 'Gang of 10' Senators in the US Senate who will
be bringing a New Energy Reform Act of 2008 bill/amendment up next
week (9-15-08) that will back drilling for offshore oil, also have
included provision(s) for unlimited loan guarantees for nuclear power!
This is not being publicized. Wednesday Sept 17, 2008 is being organized
as a 'call-in day' by for Americans to call their
Senators at 1-202-224-3121 to say "no taxpayer loan guarantees for nuclear
power." Remember that in June 2008 Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut tried to
engineer through $544 BILLION with a 'B' subsidies for nuclear power. USA budget
total is ~3 trillion dollars, or 3,000 (three thousand) billion dollars.

To listen to the one hour show on Sunday starting at noon Sept 14 2008,
if you are not in the Toronto area, go to
and click on the 'Radio Show' words in the list on the left on the home page.
Then hit the 'Faith FM' link and you can listen to what Dr. Miller will share
with Mr. Shainbaum and you, as a part of the audience.

If you reside in Canada north of Toronto you can hear the live
Sept 14 2008 show on your regular FM radio at Faith Radio CJTW 94.3,
out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The station should be pickup-able
within a 60 mile radius of Kitchener.

The one-hour show will be re-broadcast twice on
Sunday Sept 21, 2008 - at 11 AM and 10 PM via the
same website. Again, for internet broadcast,
go to and click
on 'Radio Show' but this time click on the
Hope FM link for the 11 AM to noon re-broadcast.
For the 10-11 PM Sept 21 2008 re-broadcast, same same
but click on the Grace FM link. And you will
hear Dr. Miller and Mr. Shainbaum.

The Sept 21 2008 11 AM to Noon re-broadcast show
can be heard on Hope Radio CJFH 94.3 FM on your
terrestrial radio in your car and home and
boat and RV ­ coming to you out of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

The Sept 21 2008 10-11 PM show can be heard
on Grace Radio CHJX 105.9 FM beamed out from London, Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Shainbaum's website states:

*Note: You will need Windows Media Player in
order to listen to the internet broadcast. If
you do not have Windows Media Player, you can
download it here. You can go to Mr. Shainbaum's
above website to do this.
Look for the latest edition of Dr. Miller's book
on or
via this website.


© Ace Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA