Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Media Alert - San Onofre Legacy (SOL Part 1, 2 and 3)

Media Alert: February 12, 2013

Media Contact: Don Leichtling (619) 296-9928 or Ace Hoffman (760) 720-7261

The DAB Safety Team has transmitted the following request to the Offices of Chairman Of The NRC, California Attorney General and Senator Barbara Boxer's Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW).

 The DAB Safety team has released three Media Alerts today, together they describe the current situation at San Onofre, along with what SCE, their experts and other nuclear watchdogs are now saying about all the questions that have been asked by the NRC:

1. SONGS Unit 2 Fluid Elastic Instability, Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling, Enlightening Dr. Pettigrew, Concerned/Frustrated NRC Commissioners and Main Steam Break (28 Pages)

The following paper shows that the entire NRC Regulatory Process is underfunded, broken and needs additional funding, oversight and extensive overhaul to ensure public safety.

2. SCE's Dismal and Unconvincing Performance before NRC Commissioners (13 Pages)

The presentation by SCE, Mitsubishi and other experts to the NRC was very disappointing and disturbing to 8.4 million Southern Californians.  The presentation did not address U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer and Congressman Edward J. Markey's concerns expressed on February 6, 2013 in her letter to NRC Chairman McFarlane, " Southern California Edison was aware of problems with replacement steam generators at its San Onofre nuclear power plant but chose not to make fixes".

3. Unit 2 Retainer Bars Integrity Unproven and Unsafe During a MSLB  (12 Pages)

The structural integrity of SONGS degraded retainer bar system to withstand combined loads that result from postulated accident conditions events has not been demonstrated.

These Media Releases have been posted on the web at this link: DAB Safety Team Documents.


The DAB Safety Team: Don, Ace and a BATTERY of safety-conscious San Onofre insiders plus industry experts from around the world who wish to remain anonymous.  These volunteers assist the DAB Safety Team by sharing knowledge, opinions and insight but are not responsible for the contents of the DAB Safety Team's reports.  We continue to work together as a Safety Team to prepare additional: DAB Safety Team Documents, which explain in detail why a SONGS restart is unsafe at any power level without a Full/Thorough/Transparent NRC 50.90 License Amendment and Evidentiary Public Hearings.  For more information from The DAB Safety Team, please visit the link above.

Our Mission: To prevent a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima, from happening in the USA.

Copyright February 12, 2013 by The DAB Safety Team. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast or redistributed without crediting the DAB Safety Team. The contents cannot be altered without the Written Permission of the DAB Safety Team Leader and/or the DAB Safety Team's Attorney

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