Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ace Hoffman speaks to the Carlsbad City Council January 10th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Earlier this evening I spoke to my city council about San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station's impact on a local fossil-fueled power plant which the owners wish to upgrade. San Onofre is about 15 miles north of here.

I think most of my city's residents want the fossil-fueled power plant closed down entirely (and don't think much about San Onofre at all, since it's further away).

But the budget crunch has demolished the "redevelopment agency" which, it had been expected, was going to stop the upgrade project. Suddenly the city itself has to take over trying to stop the project, and so Carlsbad is appealing to the California Energy Commission for regulatory authority to stop the project.

I was the only speaker on the topic this evening. Total running time is about four and a half minutes:

Ace Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA
© Ace Hoffman


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  1. Another stellar job, Ace! Hope it made the impression it SHOULD have. Sincerely, Amy Murphy, St. Marys, GA


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